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Excel Tutorial for Beginners

In today’s digital era, technology has evolved a lot, and therefore all the software havs advanced features. This is the time where working smartly is more beneficial than working hard.

On our website, you can learn Microsoft Office products like Excel Tutorial, Word, and PowerPoint which is the basic software that each one must know especially the working professionals.

Excel Tutorial

Whom do we help?

We help the professionals from the BFSI sector who use MS office products daily to maintain their client’s or customer’s data.

We help you out with all the formulas and shortcuts that will help you to ease the task or work smartly.

Benefits of Learning Microsoft Excel

  • It saves your time and makes you more productive while doing work.
  • It helps you to organize large data in a systematic way.
  • You can execute easy and complex mathematical functions to get the work done quickly
  • You can convert tons of data into graphical charts so that it becomes easy to understand the statistics
  • It helps you to analyze the data and make the business forecasting predictions accurately.

On our website, we discussed basic formulas and advanced Excel functions, like Vlookup in Excel, Charts in Excel, Pivot Tables, Page setup, etc.

HTML Tutorial for Beginners

Our HTML tutorial gives step by step explanation with an example for beginners. so that you can learn HTML easily.

you can learn HTML coding language from basics till advanced. Our website helps you to build your knowledge and work smartly.

We help students who have a keen interest in learning coding language and want to start a career as a website designer or developer.

Our website is helpful for people who have already started their development career, and want to learn advanced coding.

This HTML Tutorial for Beginners is specially designed for the very beginners who want to learn website development.

Benefits of Learning HTML

  • You can build your own website and start earning money.
  • You can design a customized Email template and Newsletter for your customers.
  • Understanding HTML will help you to optimize the landing pages for better conversions.
  • It helps you to easily learn other coding languages like JavaScript, SQL, and PHP.

Follow our HTML tutorial and create your own website!

Why basictutorials.in?

To Learn:

Tutorials in a simple Way.

Excel with downloadable samples.

HTML with sample website code.

PowerPoint presentations.

MS Word for offical use.

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