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About Me:

Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting our website.

Santhosh Gururaj (Founder of https://basictutorials.in).
Myself Santhosh Gururaj, born in (Karnataka), India. I have 12 years of experience in Excel, Word , PowerPoint. and also I have worked on most of Excel reports, projects. which gave me lots of experience in Excel Formulas and Functions.

So, I decided to share my experience and knowledge related to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML as per my best through this site to all my users.

With this, I am also running a Santhosh Gururaj (BasicTutorials4u) youtube channel with 2.30 L+ Subscribers. Subscribe my youtube channel to get video tutorials and a lot of technical information.

About basictutorials.in

basictutorials.in is an online free tutorial website for Beginners in Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and also some useful Technical information. and we providing a lot of examples for each function or formula. and also we provide video tutorials for each formula and function.

Our website helps beginners to learn and improve their knowledge about Formulas, Functions, etc. The tutorial we provide here helps to beginners and as well as intermediates also. for beginners, it helps to start a good carrier with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. in the future we will add more tutorials also.

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Tutorials in a simple Way.

Excel with downloadable samples.

HTML with sample website code.

PowerPoint presentations.

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