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What are Charts in MS Excel

Charts in Excel | Type of Charts | Create a Chart | Charts Design | Change Chart Type | Uses of Charts

Charts play a major role in Excel. Charts also called Graphs in Excel.

Charts in MS Excel show a graphical representation of data such as bars, lines, Pie, and also slicers.

Excel Charts are very powerful, simple to use and it is free of cost.

Charts in MS Excel

Using charts in Excel you can see data numbers as bars, pie, lines, etc.

While creating charts you can keep charts in the same workbook or you can move charts into another workbook.

You can easily handle big amount of data from multiple worksheets to create a chart in MS Excel.

There are multiple types of charts in Excel, with these charts you can give a graphical representation of data in excel.

Types of Charts in Excel

1. Column Charts

2. Pie Charts

3. Line Charts

4. Bar Charts

5. Scatter Charts

6. Area Charts

7. Bubble Charts Etc.

Types of charts in Excel

How To Create Charts in Excel

To create a column chart, execute the following steps.

1. Select the data range. A1:C7.

Select Range to Create Chart

2. Go to the Insert tab, click on Charts Group, click the column symbol.

Select the Column Chart

3. In the 2-D Column, select the clustered column chart.

Select the Clustered Column Chart

Result is,

Column Chart Result

Chart Designs

If you want to select the design of the chart, click on Chart and select the Chart Design option from Tab.

Charts Designs in Excel

Change Chart Type

After creating charts also you can change chart types without disturbing your chart. to change chart type

1. Select the chart.

2. Click on Chart Design Option.

3. Click On Change Chart Type.

Change Chart Type

4. From there you can select a Line chart, Pie Chart, Column Chart, Combo Chart, Etc.

Change Chart Types

Uses of Charts in Excel

1. Charts data can easily understand when compared to raw data.

2. There are a ton of different charts that are available in Excel.

3. Even Excel Beginner can easily create charts in Excel.

4. if you are using any live data it is comfortable to analyze.

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