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Concatenate in Excel

What is Concatenate | Syntax | How to Use | With Space | Using & Oprator

Concatenate in Excel is a function that is used to join multiple texts or strings into single text or string.

It means, using Concatenate function you can join a text from different cells.

And you can also use Concatenate function with space in Excel.

Note:-Before starting any Formula or Function you need to add (=)

Syntax:- CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], ...)

Note:- You can also use "&" operator to Join texts instead of Concatenate function in Excel.

How to Use Concatenate in Excel?

In the below given example, we have two columns with first name and last name. Now using Concatenate function we are going to join both names into single name.

To Join texts in Excel, execute below steps.

Concatenate in Excel

1. Select a cell where you want to join texts. (C2)

2. Type CONCATENATE in the formula bar and then select texts you want to Join.


4. You can join multiple texts with seperation of comma.


Concatenate Result

Concatenate with Space

In the below given example, I have joined two texts with space. you can also add custom values like the hyphen(-) or symbols or texts in between concatenate function.

Concatenate with space

Concatenate with Symbol

Here we have added two texts with a hyphen(-) or Dash symbol.

Concatenate with Symbol

Using & Operator

You can also use an ampersand (" & ") operator to join texts in Excel. it will give the same result.

Join With And Operator

After watching the video you can download the below sample sheet. and it helps you to do practice more.

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