Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Excel is using to highlight the color of the cells depending upon the cell's value or user conditions.

In normal Excel cell formatting, we just apply the formatting without any condition or criteria.

But while applying conditional formatting in excel you should have some conditions or criteria for the cell value.

Based on that cell, you can apply multiple types of conditional formatting in Excel.

In the below given example, I have some numbers and I want to highlight some numbers based on cell criteria.

How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel?

Let's see those numbers which has more than 900 value should come in Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text.

1. First select a range of cells that you want to apply conditional formatting.

2. And go to Home Tab and click on Conditional Formatting Option.

Conditional Formatting in Excel-Step 2

3. Then click HighLight Cells Rules and click Greater than...

Highlight Cells Rules

4. New Formatting Rule dialog box opens, there you just select Only format cells that contain-->cell value-->greater than-->900(or Select Cell which contains 900 Value)-->Format with: Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text-->Click on Ok.

Conditional Formatting Greater Than

5.Now those value which has more than 900 values shows in Light Red Background with Dark Red Text.

Greater Than Result

In the same way, you can apply conditional formatting for Less Than, Between, Equal To, Duplicate Values, Contain Specific Text, etc..

Clear Rules

To clear applied conditional formatting rules, follow the below steps.

1. Select the range of cells that you want to clear conditional formatting rules.

2. Click on Clear Rules.

Clear Rules

3. If you click on Clear Rules from Selected Cells, it clears the selected cells conditional formatting only.

4. If you click on Clear Rules from Entire Sheet, it clears the entire sheet conditional formatting.

5. Now I am going to select Clear Rules from Selected Cells to remove formatting from selected cells only.


Clear Rules Result

It is not so easy to explain complete conditional formatting in a single chapter. in the coming tutorials, we will discuss more about conditional formatting.


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