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Drop Down List in Excel

What is Drop Down List | Create Drop Down List | Drop Down List Example

Using Data validation option, you can create a drop down list in Excel.

With Drop Down list you can create a lot of cell-dependent value reports.

Using this option we can make some data validations like, if the user selects some other value instead of the listed value it shows error and it gives an only choice to the user to select a value within the list.

How to Create Drop Down List in Excel?

To Create Drop Down in Excel:

1. First select cell where you want to create a drop-down list in Excel.

2. Go to Data Tab and click on Data Validation Option then click on Data Validation.

3. Data Validation dialog box will open, Select List in Validation Criteria.

How to Create Drop Down in Excel

4. Then select Source (List you want to Show in Drop-Down).

Sample Drop Down List

5. Click on Ok. now click on the selected cell. now you can able to see the Drop-Down list there.

Drop Down Example in Excel

This is the easy way to create a drop down list in Excel.

If you want to remove Drop Down list, just select on that cell and go to data validation then click on Clear All button, and give Ok. That's All. the selected cell drop-down list, will not show any more drop down.

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