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SUM Function in Excel | Addition Formula in Excel

SUM Function | Sum Syntax | Sum Range | Sum Multiple Range | Sum Entire Column | Auto Sum in Excel

The SUM function in Excel is used to sum a range of cells. you can sum multiple ranges, individual cell values, or cell references.

The SUM function is a common way to add up cell values in Excel.

There are multiple ways to add the numbers in Excel. we can sum cell numbers using the (+) plus sign.

if we use (+) plus sign, it will take more time to add numbers one by one manually, but using the SUM function in Excel it is easy to sum the values from a range of cells.

This tutorial gives you a detailed explanation of adding values (SUM) in Excel.

SUM Function Syntax: =SUM(number1, [number2], [number3], ...)

Excel SUM Formula Examples:

SUM function itself it says that summing (adding values) of values. In the below examples we can see multiple methods of Addition in Excel.

SUM Range:

In the below example, we did the total value of the range of cells in Excel using the SUM function.

SUM Formula in Excel

SUM Function and (+) Sign:

In this below example, column C Total and column D Total show the same result. in column C, the total contains the SUM function to get the result, and column D adds each cell value individually.

SUM function in Excel Example

SUM Multiple Ranges:

In this below example we have added multiple ranges using the SUM function.

Multiple Range Sum in Excel

SUM Entire Column:

To do the entire column sum, use the SUM function without any cell references. in this example, we used=SUM(A:A) to find the SUM of the entire column.

Sum Entire Column in Excel

Autosum in Excel:

One easy way to add up values in Excel is AutoSum. for this, select a cell next to numbers you want to SUM then click Autosum. That's All, Excel will do the Addition for you. When you click on AutoSum, Excel automatically enters a formula to sum the numbers.

We have already discussed that Autosum is the easiest way to Sum a Column or Row numbers. and the shortcut key to use AutoSum is ALT + =. let's see the AutoSum Example in Excel.

AutoSum in Excel

In the above example, I have selected the cell below the column of numbers and I just used a shortcut key ALT + = to select Autosum.

If you want to select it from Excel Ribbon, go to Home Tab and click on Auto-Sum. then it will automatically show the sum of the columns. in the same way, you can also use Autosum rows.

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