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IFERROR in Excel

IFERROR In Excel | IFERROR Syntax | How to Use

Note:-Before starting any Formula or Function you need to add (=)

IFERROR Using this function we can replace errors like NA,#DIV/0!, etc..in formulas.

It means it gives alternate text instead of the above errors. you can use this IFERROR function to handle errors in a formula.

This tutorial describes the formula syntax and usage of the IFERROR function in Microsoft Excel.

While applying some formula or Function in excel, if we get the above errors, we can use IFERROR to avoid these errors.

IFERROR function is coming under Excel Logical Functions Category.

Syntax:- =IFERROR(value, value_if_error)

In the below given examples, you can easily understand how the IFERROR function works.

IFERROR in Excel

In the above example, I have some data and I am trying to get % of that data. but in one of those records, there is no target value. so in % column, it is showing #DIV/0! Error.

While using Vlookup in Excel, SUMIF in Excel, and IF Functions we may find this kind of errors. using IFERROR we can ignore those errors.

How IFERROR works in Excel?

IFERROR Function in Excel

Here what we did we just replaced that kind of error with IFERROR Function.we have added "No Target for this Record" instead of #DIV/0! Error.

Similarly, we can replace our own text for these kinds of errors like #NUM!,#NAME?,#N/A,#VALUE!..etc

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