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Microsoft Excel Tutorials

About basictutorials.in
www.basictutorials.in is a site where you can get Excel, HTML & Technology related tutorials free, it helps to learn Excel basics with downloadable examples.and also we provide videos for each example. using videos with downloadable examples, you can understand Excel very well.
Excel Tutorials
Microsoft Excel is developed by Microsoft, using this we can do calculations, Graphs, Pivot tables, and Macros for Visual Basics. using powerful functions we can save a lot of time for reporting.it also helps to analyze data, managing record. Our website provides you to gain basic knowledge with Excel Basics with various Downloadable Examples with Videos, for beginners, it helps to start a good carrier with excel. using Built-in Excel Functions we can turn any complex reporting to easier. Our website we discussed basic formulas, functions & charts, PivotTables, Page setup, etc..in left side menu we mentioned all that formulas & functions one by one.it helps to you grab which one you need.