What is MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. which works on different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.

Excel is one of the parts of the Microsoft Office, like MS Word, PowerPoint, etc. Excel is a spreadsheet program that contains a number of rows and columns.

The biggest benefits of Microsoft Excel in business are business analysis, managing operations, performance reporting, people management, strategic analysis, etc. and also Microsoft Excel can easily give graphical charts representation of data.

Using Excel we can do calculations, graphs, pivot tables. using powerful functions we can save a lot of time for reporting. it also helps to analyze data, managing records.

Using built-in Excel functions we can turn any complex reporting to easier. our Excel tutorial helps beginners and professionals.

How to Open Microsoft Excel?

The opening of Excel in your windows OS or Mac is very easy. execute the below steps to open Microsoft Excel.

Step 1. Click on Start Button-->All Programs-->Microsoft Office-->Click In Microsoft Excel.

Step 2. Click on Window+R (Run) -->Type Excel-->Enter.

Step 3. Right Click on Desktop-->New-->Microsoft Excel Worksheet.

MS Excel Introduction

Uses of Microsoft Excel:

1. Microsoft Excel is easy to learn.

2. Easy to simplify complex calculations.

3. Easy to store and filter data.

4. Easy to apply conditional formatting on data.

5. Excel shortcuts help to save time while working on spreadsheets.

6. Graphs help to represent the graphical presentation of data etc.

Our website provides you to gain basic knowledge with Excel Basics with various downloadable examples with videos, for beginners, it helps to start a good carrier with Excel.

On our website, we discussed basic formulas, functions, and How to remove duplicates in Excel, Pivot Tables, Page setup, etc.

In the EXCEL FORMULAS menu, we mentioned all that formulas & functions one by one. it helps you grab which one you need.

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