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Vlookup Formula in Excel

Vlookup in Excel | Syntax | How to Use | Example | Explanation

Vlookup formula in Excel is a function that is used to retrieve the values from one column to another column correspondingly.

In other words, the Vlookup function always looks up a value in the leftmost column of a table and returns the corresponding value from a column to the right.

It means it lookup the values vertically. using Vlookup in Excel it is easy to look up the values.

In Vlookup, V stands for Vertical here.

Note:-Before starting any Formula or Function you need to add (=)

To do Horizontal Lookup you can use the Hlookup function in Excel.

Vlookup formula in Excel is one of the most popular functions in Microsoft Excel.

The maximum number of people use Excel Vlookup formula to lookup exact values. it is better to understand a Vlookup function.

Below we provided some of vlookup examples with explanations, downloadable sample sheets, and video for your understanding.

Syntax:- VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])

In the below given vlookup example, we have 2 workbooks, one is Vlookup-1 and Vlookup-2. and both workbooks contain the same heading data.

But in the Vlookup-1 sheet, the state budget column doesn't have any value. but in Vlookup-2 state names has some Budget value.

How to use Vlookup formula in Excel?

Vlookup Examples:

Vlookup Formula in Excel


formula for vlookup in excel


Now the task is, we need to get Budget values from the Vlookup-2 sheet to the Vlookup-1 sheet with state names correspondingly.

If we have small data we can do it manually. but with huge data, it is very difficult to put data manually.

But using the Vlookup formula in Excel, it is easy to lookup values.

excel formulas for vlookup


Here what we did,

1. First, we selected the Vlookup Function in Cell B2 in Vlookup-1 Sheet. (Value which we need to get).

2. Select lookup value (Cell A2) from Vlookup-1 Sheet.

3. Select Table Array from Vlookup-2 Sheet(Cell A2).

4. Select Column Index Number (Column 2) in Vlookup-2 Sheet. (Value which we want to Lookup)

5. Select Range Lookup (True or False) and Click Enter.

Now you can drag the formula till the end.

While doing Vlookup if any #N/A error occurs, you can replace those errors using the IFERROR function.

This is a simple way to do Vlookup in excel. After watching the video you can download the below example sheets. and it helps you to do practice more.

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