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How To Add Money To PhonePe Wallet?

How to add Money to PhonePe Wallet

How to add money to Phonepe Using the UPI method?

PhonePe is one of the most used UPI Applications in India. Using the PhonePe App you can make payments of utility bills as well as you can recharge a DTH, mobile number, data card, etc. Nowadays almost all, accepting PhonePe payments from their clients.

Here you will learn how to add money to the PhonePe Wallet. with the help of below simple steps and images, it helps you to add money to the PhonePe wallet.

Steps to Add Money to PhonePe Wallet:

1. Login With PhonePe App

2. After a Successful Login Click in My Money Option.

3. Then Click on PhonePe under the Wallets/Gift Vouchers Section.

Add Money Using UPI Method

4. Enter Amount Which You want to Add to PhonePe Wallet.

5. After that Select TOPUP Tab, In that select BHIM UPI in Debit from Section.

6. Before that, you should have UPI Account which is linked with Bank Account or you have to create a bank with UPI Account.

7. Or else if you want to add money from the Debit card just select the DEBIT CARD tab.

Add Amount

8. Now, Click on TOPUP WALLET to recharge the amount.

9. It will Ask POPUP message and after that, it asks you to enter UPI PIN.

How To Add Money To PhonePe Wallet

10. After Successful login, the Amount will be added to your PhonePe Wallet.

**Sometimes you will get Cashback offers from PhonePe for UPI Payments.**

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