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How To Create a Youtube Thumbnail

How to Create a Thumbnail for youtube, using PowerPoint & Paint?

All these tutorials are educational purpose only.

This article explains you to how to create a thumbnail for youtube videos. maximum YouTubers are don't know how to create a thumbnail for his channel.because if you search it in any search engines it shows some sites to create the thumbnail. but almost all websites ask you to pay some money to create the thumbnail.at this type of situation, this articles helps you to create thumbnail without using any additional software. in other words, you can easily create your own thumbnail using Microsoft PowerPoint & Paint. both this software available in your PC or laptop.using these two you can create a thumbnail for youtube videos.
Steps to Create a Thumbnail for Youtube:
1.Open PPT first
2.Select one Slide & make Slide as per your Requirment
3.after finishing designing slide open paint
4.Copy & Paste that slide in Paint
5.Save Paint object as PNG or JPG.
6.Then use this Image as thumbnail in Youtube.
Note:-for more detail please click on Watch Video for Detailed Explanation.

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