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HTML Tutorial for Beginners

HTML | What is HTML? | Why HTML? | Advantages | Example

Welcome To HTML World!

Our HTML tutorial gives step by step explanation with an example for beginners. so that you can learn HTML easily.

This HTML tutorial for beginners is specially designed for the very beginners who want to learn website development.

In future tutorials, we will also discuss the advanced level of HTML. if you follow our HTML tutorials completely, you can easily create your own website.

We have also given sample website HTML code to download for practice.

In the HTML Tutorial menu, we have mentioned all the HTML tutorial list one by one. it helps you grab which one you need.

"Follow our HTML tutorial and create your own website."

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a markup language for creating Web pages. it is not a programming language. it is used to design static websites.

  • Hyper- It is a link or reference to navigate web pages.
  • Text - Information to be displayed on web pages.
  • Markup - Predefined terms that are present in HTML.
  • Language - Used to communicate with web browsers.

HTML is a language that is understood by a web browser for composing text and images for webpages.

HTML is a format it tells to computer how to display a webpage.

HTML has a set of markup codes or tags. these HTML tags describe the web pages.

Which means HTML tags specify document elements such as headings, paragraphs, and tables. HTML tags are written in angle brackets < >.

All HTML documents should be saved in the extension of ".html" or ".htm" . all HTML documents will execute on any web browser.


1. With HTML you can create your own websites.

2. HTML is easy to learn.

3. HTML is the base for all web designing.

4. To become a web designer.

Advantages of our HTML Tutorial:

In our tutorial, you can practice HTML with the help of an online HTML editor or you can copy code for offline practice.

Online HTML Editor:

With the help of the "Practice it Now" editor, you can easily test the HTML tags with our online editor and also you can edit the tags and view the result.

Offline HTML Practice:

You can also do the practice of HTML offline.

Execute the below steps to practice offline:

1. Copy and paste HTML code into any of the HTML editors like Notepad, Notepad++, Brackets, etc..

2. Then save it as .html or .htm extension followed by the file name.

HTML Tutorial for Beginners

3. Then open saved .html or .htm file with any of the browsers like chrome, firefox, safari, etc..

Open HTML in Chrome

Note: Always save all your HTML files in a particular project folder.


HTML Chrome Output

HTML Example:

Click on the "Practice it Now" button to get the result.


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