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Introduction to HTML

HTML History | HTML Structure | Prerequisite | Text Editors | Example

HTML is developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.

HTML is an evolving language.

In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML. it was based in Standard Generalized Markup Language. that is SGML.

In 1991 the first version of HTML was published. but it only recognized the text. later on, many versions of HTML came to use. as a result, now HTML 5.0 is used by everybody.

HTML IntroductionOur HTML tutorial is developed on HTML5.

HTML Page Structure

Before start learning HTML, you should know the structure of the HTML pages.

HTML Structure

HTML Structre Explained

  • <!DOCTYPE HTML> - This tag defines the type of the document and html version.
  • <html> -is the core tag of the HTML page.
  • <head> - the head tag represents the meta tags information in the HTML page.
  • <title> - the title tag defines the title of the page.
  • <body> - the body tag represents the body of the page or document. the contents inside the HTML body will be displayed in a web browser.
  • <h1>,<h2>,<p> - these tags defines heading1, heading2 and paragraphs of the document.

What you should know before start HTML?

Here we will know what are all required before we started with HTML.

  • Minimum computer knowledge is enough to learn HTML.
  • No need to learn any other language before you learn HTML.
  • No need to install or purchase any other software to learn HTML.
  • The minimum English language is enough to learn HTML.

HTML Text Editors

Text editors are word processing programs. using this you can edit or type a text. with the help of these text editors, you can write HTML tags and create HTML web pages.

some of these HTML text editors are free of cost. for windows machine, Notepad is an inbuilt software. you can also download and use Notepad++, Brackets, etc.

Notepad Editor Example

Notepad Text Editor

Brackets Text Editor Example

Brackets Text Editor

After writing HTML tags in text editors you can save document with .html or .htm extension. we have already discussed in our Previous HTML tutorial about how to save and execute HTML files in web browsers.

HTML Basic Example

HTML is very easy to learn, no need to qualify any degrees. minimum English and minimum computer knowledge is enough to learn HTML.

Basically some people afraid to learn, because they think that this is a programming language.

HTML is a markup language, everyone can write an HTML tag. always remember "Where there's a will, there's a way".

Let's start HTML tutorials one by one :-)


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