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How to Create Link to Website?

LINK: LINK itself it says that giving a connection to another document .it means if you want to give a link to another document within a website or any other site. you can use anchor tag for Link. it means if the user clicks on some element in HTML it jumps to the other document.if you move the mouse cursor over these links, mouse pointer changes to a hand symbol.in below href attribute specifies destination Address.Link is a Visible Part for the Link.in below videos, you will get more information about links attribute like Name Anchor, Title, Parent, etc.


        <a href="url">Link </a>
		Local Address or Relative Link
        <a href="aboutus.php">About Us</a>
Full Address or Absolute Link <a href="http://www.basictutorials.in/">BasicTutorials Website</a>
Link open in New Window <a href="http://www.basictutorials.in/" target="_blank">BasicTutorials Website</a>
Link title will show on mouse hover <a href="http://www.basictutorials.in/" title="BasicTutorials Website">BasicTutorials Website</a> </body> TRY IT FOR YOUR PRACTICE.

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