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SAMPLE-WEBSITE: in this Part, you will go learn how to do a sample website in Kannada. it means after completing all the above HTML tutorials you can easily build a sample website. for your practice, we have made one sample website. in that, you will get step by step video tutorial with detailed explanation.

it helps you to build a sample website for practice. we will divide this into 4 videos, and we will provide each video link below. below you will get one Video Tutorial option. there you will get a complete playlist of the HTML Kannada tutorials.

Below we provided the video link for an above explanation, please watch the video for better understanding.please subscribe for more videos in our youtube channel, if you like our tutorial please share it on facebook & youtube below.
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* To Learn Tutorials in a simple Way.

* To Learn Excel basics with downloadable samples.

* To Learn HTML with sample Website code.

* To Learn PowerPoint presentations.

* To Learn MS Word for offical use.