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Insert Image in Excel

Using the insert option in Excel, you can insert images in Excel.

After inserting an image or picture into an excel cell, you can open it in Excel, and also you can send emails with inserted images.

It reduces the time to attach images to email separately. and also you can select images online.

How to Insert Image in Excel?

Here are the steps to insert images into a cell in Excel:

1. Go to the Insert Tab in Excel.

2. Click on Pictures Icon.

Insert Image in Excel

3. Browse the image which you want to insert from the file.

4. After inserting an image or Picture click on Picture Format to crop Image or to format the Image.

Crop Image in Excel

That's It!

Using the Insert option in Excel it is easy to insert images in Excel.

After watching the video you can download the below sample sheet. and it helps you to do practice more.

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