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Top 4 Secret Android Apps

Interesting 3 Android Apps|Useful 3 Android Apps

All these tutorials are educational purpose only.

1.NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter

A cleaner and simpler way to monitor network connection speed on your Android devices. NetSpeed Indicator shows your current internet speed in the status bar. The notification area shows a clean and unobtrusive notification displaying live upload/download speed and/or daily data/WiFi usage.
  • ✔ Real-time internet speed in status bar.
  • ✔ Track and monitor daily data and WiFi usage from notification.
  • ✔ Hide when not connected to any network.
  • ● Unobtrusive notification to let you focus on what's important.
  • ● Highly customisable.
  • ● Battery and memory efficient.
  • ● No ads, No bloat
  • 2.Stuff - Todo Widget (To-do List & Notes)

    Stuff is a to-do widget that works straight from the homescreen. Add tasks to your to-do list in just one click. The most convenient way to manage your to-dos on Android.
  • 1.Clean & uncluttered design so you can focus on the important stuff
  • 2.Adding, editing, and organizing tasks is just one click away
  • 3.Create custom categories to personalize your experience
  • Etc..
  • 3.FOMO - Beat Your Phone Addiction

    Smartphones have become an important of our lives and accompany us practically everywhere. Thus we delve into it so much that we miss out on the joy around us.FOMO helps you go from the Fear of Missing out to JOMO the joy of missing out.Be productive by measuring your FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out ) levels.We believe that when you realize you have a high FOMO score you will take steps to cure it and lessen the score by each day until you're completely free of the phone and most productive

    for more detail pelase watch video.