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Move Pivot Table to Another Workbook

Move Pivot Table in Excel: Using Pivot Table options in Excel it is easy to move multiple Pivot Tables into a single sheet. using this method you can operate all Pivot Table filter functions from single sheet. because of this, you can save some time to change sheets to filter each PivotTable.

How to Move Pivot Table in Excel?

move pivot table

Let us take one example. here I have two pivot tables one is Pivot table 1 and Pivot Table 2. now I want to move both pivot tables into to single sheet.

move pivot table to another workbook

To move the Pivot Table into one sheet follow the below steps.

1. Put Cursor on Pivot Table first.

2. You will get one Option on Excel Ribbon called as Pivot Table Analyse.

3. There you will get Move Pivot Table option. Click on that, and select the sheet you want to move.

how to move pivot table

Using Pivot Table Analyse, it is easy to move multiple Pivot Tables into a single sheet.

how to move pivot table down in excel

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