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Formula For Multiplication In Excel | Excel Multiply Formula

Multiplication | Syntax | Examples | PRODUCT Function | Absolute Reference

Formula for Multiplication in Excel - There is no Multiplication formula in Excel. Multiplication in Excel is used to multiply the cell numbers in columns or rows as same as a calculator. In Excel, we can multiply the number of cells as per our requirements. using an asterisk (*) arithmetic operator sign or using PRODUCT function in Excel, we can multiply numbers in Excel.

In the previous Excel Subtraction tutorial, we have already discussed how to use arithmetic operator sign to do subtraction in Excel. in the same way, we can use an asterisk (*) sign to do Multiplication in Excel.

With the help of the below examples, you can easily understand the ways to do Multiplication in Excel.




3.=PRODUCT(number1, [number2], ...)

Excel Multiplication Examples:

1. Multiplication of more than one number in the same cell. in this below example, in one cell A1, three numbers are multiplied using an asterisk (*) arithmetic operator.

Multiply Numbers in Cell

2. Cell Dependent Multiplication. in this example the Total Book Value in cell E7 is multiplied using cell numbers D7 and C7. which means if you change numbers in D7 or C7 the value in E7 will change automatically. and the cell E7, depends on cell D7 and C7.

Cell Dependent Multiplication

3. PRODUCT Function :

In the above two examples, we did multiplication in Excel. but if you have more cells to multiply, it is difficult to select one by one. Using PRODUCT function in Excel, it is easy to multiply range values. Let's take the below example. Using PRODUCT function, we have multiplied the range of cells A1:A6.

Product Function

4. Let's take one more example of the PRODUCT Function. in this example, we have multiplied more than two ranges.

And the result of this i.e 622080, is equal to individual cell Multiplication.

Product Function Example

5. Using Absolute Reference also we can do Multiplication in Excel. in the below example, we have used $ Absolute Reference at C8 cell. Total Books Value is multiplied by MRP of each Book and Total Books. here MRP of Each Book is the same or fixed while doing multiplication.

Absolute Reference

Before starting any Formula or Function in Excel you need to add (=)

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