Print in Excel

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to print worksheets and how to do page set up in Excel.

To Print a Worksheet in Excel, follow the below steps.

1. Select the sheet or area you want to print.

2. Go to File Tab, Click Print.

How to Print in Excel

Shortcut Key to Print on Mac- Command + P
Shortcut Key to Print on Windows- Control + P

Where is Page Setup in Excel?

To find Page setup on Excel, Go to Page Layout, click on Page Setup. using page setup you can setup Margins, Orientation, Header/Footer, and Print Option on Excel.

Page Setup is used to set a page for printout. it means some times more data will take a lot of pages to print, to avoid this we set can print page with proper way. it helps to avoid waste of papers.

1. Select the area you want to print.

2. Go to Page Layout, Click on Set Print Area.

Page Setup in Excel

Now the only selected area is ready to print. if you want to remove or reset the print area, you can remove it by clicking the clear print area.

Page Orientation in Excel

While giving Print in Excel, Page Orientation plays a major role. if you have more rows to print then use Portrait Orientation or if you have more columns to print then use Landscape Orientation.

Page Orientation in Excel

Page Margins in Excel

To use Page Margins in Excel

1. Go to Print and select margins.

2. or Go to Page Layout, Click on margins.

3. you can select Normal, Wide and Narrow margins depending upon the requirement.

4. you can also select custom margins to set margins manually.

Page Margins in Excel

Custom margins helps to drag lines manually.

Scale to Fit or Fit sheet on One Page shrinks the printable data to one sheet. check twice print preview before giving print out.


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