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Pivot Table in Excel | How to Create Pivot Table in Excel?

What is Pivot Table | Pivot Table Syntax | Create Pivot Table

Pivot Table is a powerful tool in Excel, which is used to summarize the data.

Using Pivot Tables you can summarize, analyze, explore, and present our data.

In this tutorial, I am going to explain what is pivot table, how to create a pivot table and how to use pivot tables in Excel.

You can also move Pivot Tables in Excel from multiple sheets into a single sheet.

The difference between Normal Tables and Pivot tables are:

1. Normal Tables in Excel are fixed but pivot tables are flexible.

2. Normal Tables in Excel give you entire data but in pivot tables, you will get summarized data.

Syntax:- GETPIVOTDATA(data_field,pivot_table,[field1,item1, ...)

How to create Pivot Table in Excel?

While creating pivot table in excel, the data should not have any blank column or blank row.

Pivot Tables in Excel

In the above given excel pivot table examples, I have sample data with the State, Budget and Allocation.

And here we need to find a total of Budget and Allocation state wise. we can do it using filter option or SUMIF function also.

if we have a huge number of records it is time taking process to find a total of states one by one.

pivot tables for excel

Using pivot tables, we can find a total of Budget and Allocation state wise. to create pivot tables in excel just follow the below steps.

1. Put the cursor anywhere on the data and select Pivot Table from the Insert Tab.

pivot tables in excel

2. it will select data range automatically or you can select it manually. Once range selection is done, select where you want insert pivot table and clicks on OK.

In this pivot table example, I have selected a New worksheet to place the pivot table.

How to use Pivot Tables in Excel

3. Now a new pivot table has been created in a new sheet with Pivot Table fields.

Pivot Tables on Excel

4. Select field names and drag and drop field names in Rows, Columns and Values as per below. now automatically total Allocation and Budget of states show in the Pivot table.

what is pivot tables

This is the simple pivot table excel example to summarize our data as per our requirements.

After watching the video you can download below sample sheet. and it helps you to do practice more. please subscribe for more videos on our youtube channel. if you like our tutorial please share it on Facebook and Youtube below.

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