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www.basictutorials.in is a site where you can get Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, HTML & Technology related tutorials in Kannada, it helps to learn MS Office & Web Designing basics with downloadable examples. And also we provide videos for each example using videos with downloadable examples, you can understand the MS WORD very well. Please click on below image for Video playlist.
PowerPoint Tutorials in Kannada

Microsoft PowerPoint is developed by Microsoft. using this we can create presentations for our projects. with MS PowerPoint it is very easy to create presentations with audio & video and also animations. our website provides you a video tutorial in Kannada . for beginners, it helps to start a good carrier with MS PowerPoint. using Built-in MS PowerPoint Functions we can create our presentations of our office or School projects..in our website we discussed MS PowerPoint Ribbon & Groups in detail.
Note:-Please watch full Tutorial for complete excel understanding.leave your comments or suggestions in below form for better videos.

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