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How to Remove Duplicates in Excel?

Remove Duplicates | Shortcut | Examples | Using Advanced Filter

Using Remove Duplicates in-built tool in Excel, it is easy to remove duplicate values in Excel. we can remove duplicate values in a range of cells, which means, if the range of cells contains value more than one time and you want to delete duplicate values. it is difficult to delete one by one, in such type of scenario, Remove Duplicates in Excel helps you to remove duplicate values in the column.

Shortcut to Remove Duplicates in Excel is, ALT + H + L

Remove Duplicates Examples:

The below examples teach you how to remove duplicates in Excel.

Remove Duplicates in Excel

In the above example, we have a list of State Names with Values, but if you observe State Names, Karnataka State name repeated thrice.

Now, if you want to keep Karnataka State's name with Value one time, then Remove Duplicates will do that work. to find how many duplicates are there in column or range, you can use Conditional Formatting or Pivot Tables.

CTRL + F is the shortcut to find multiple entries.

To Remove Duplicates follow the below steps.

1. Select the range where you want to Remove Duplicates or put the cursor on any single cell on that data set.

2. Go to Data Tab, Data Tools Group, Click on Remove Duplicates.

Click Duplicates

3. you will get the below dialog box.

Remove Duplicates Dialog Box

4. If you want to remove duplicates from the header, then uncheck My list has headers.

5. In this example, we want to remove duplicates from full data. if you want to remove duplicates from a particular column you can select that column.

6. Click OK.

Below is the result after Removing Duplicates.

Remove Duplicates Result

Remove Duplicates Using Advance Filter:

Advance Filter extracts unique values from selected row to another row. let's take one more example,

1. Select the range or column that you want extract unique values.

2. Go to Data Tab, Sort & Filter Group, Click on Advanced.

Click Advanced Filter

3. you will get below dialog box.

Advanced Filter Dialog Box

4. Here list Range is Selected data and Copy to is cell where we need to extract unique values.

5. Click OK.

Result: Excel Extracted unique state names into the column D.

Advanced Filter Result unique Values

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