Formula for Subtraction in Excel

Subtract Function in Excel: There is no direct formula to subtract in Excel. using a minus (-) Arithmetic Operator sign, we can subtract any two values in Excel.

We all know from primary schools that to subtract one number from another number we should use a minus sign.

In the previous Excel Addition Tutorial, we have already discussed how to use Arithmetic Operator sign to do addition.

In the same way, we can apply a minus sign to do subtraction in Excel. in Excel, you use cell references to subtract numbers instead of giving actual numbers.

Syntax:=(Value1-Value2) Or=Value1-Value2

Excel Subtraction Examples:

Here we used formula to subtract in Excel is=B5-C5.

formula for subtraction in excel

In this above Subtraction example, we need to find the material wise difference amount, for this, we need to subtract the Received Amount from Total Amount with help of minus (-) Arithmetic Operator sign. here we have subtracted B5 cell value C5 cell value.

formula of subtraction in excel

In this example, using minus (-) sign we have subtracted four values in a single cell A1.

Subtract Multiple Range in Excel

If you want to subtract multiple cell ranges using a minus sign, it will take more time to subtract individually. but with the help of SUM function, it is easy to subtract multiple ranges of cells in Excel.

Subtraction on Excel

In this above Subtraction example, we have a list of Products and Total Amount in cell B1. now we need to find a Balance Amount in cell B7 after subtracting the values of products.

To get the Balance Amount, we need to subtract the total SUM of the products from the Total Amount.

Using Absolute reference you can subtract numbers in the range of cells. in the below screenshot the Total Amount value is in the cell B2.

Using the Absolute reference ($) symbol , it is easy to find the difference amount of each product.

It means for every product subtraction, Total Amount is the Same. that means cell B2 value is fixed or frozen.

Subtraction in Excel

Before starting any Formula or Function in Excel you need to add (=). to subtract the number in a cell you will need to write a formula in the designated cells.


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