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Tutorial Description / Link
HTML ListsCreate lists with the help of the HTML Lists tag.
HTML Basic TagsWithout tags in HTML, we can't create any HTML document.
HTML MarqueeHTML marquee tag is used to create moving text in HTML.
HTML ImagesFor good looking website, images are most important.
HTML TablesUsing HTML tables you can arrange texts, images, links, etc into rows and columns.
HTML FormsIf you want to collect some data from your site users or visitors you need HTML forms.
HTML StylesUsing CSS, you can change color, font family, size of the font, etc.

MS Excel Tutorials

Tutorial Description / Link
HTML ListsMicrosoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft.
IF Condition in ExcelIF condition in Excel is a logical function that is used to satisfy the user's given condition.
Pivot Table in ExcelPivot Table is a powerful tool in Excel, which is used to summarize the data.
Vlookup Formula in ExcelVlookup formula in Excel is a function that is used to retrieve the values from one column to another column correspondingly.
Reminders in ExcelIn this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to set reminders in Excel depending upon cell value.
Freeze Panes in ExcelFreeze panes in Excel are used to lock the specific cells, rows, or columns.
Round Function in ExcelIn this tutorial, we are going to discuss three functions to round numbers in Excel.