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Create a Macros in Excel | How to use Macros in Excel?

Macros in Excel | Developer Tab | How to Create a Macros

Macros in Excel: With the help of Macros, we can record and automate the tasks in Excel. Macros are the most powerful features in Excel. if you run recorded macros it will automate the recorded tasks, macros save a lot of time in routine works.

How to Enable Macros in Excel?

To Record Macros in Excel first, we need to enable the Developer option in Excel Ribbon. there you will get Record Macro Option.

How to Enable Macros in Excel

One more method to use Macros in Excel is, you can use direct record macro shortcut at the bottom of the excel sheet.

Shortcut to record macros

How to Create a Macros in Excel?

Using any one of the above methods you can start recording a macro in Excel. after completing a macro recording you can assign recorded macro to the command button which is available in Developer Tab.

How to Use Macros in Excel

In this above example, I have recorded a copy and paste task in Macros and also assigned to button. if somebody clicks on that button the same copy and paste task will execute automatically.

How to Use Macros in Excel Example

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