How to Excel?

Pivot Table in Excel?

A Pivot Table is a powerful feature in Excel that allows you to summarize and analyze large amounts of data. It enables you to reorganize and summarize data from a worksheet or an external data source into a concise, tabular format.

By dragging and dropping fields into different areas of the pivot table, you can easily generate insights and perform calculations, such as totals, averages, and percentages.

Using the Hyperlink dialog box, you can give links to a webpage, email address, or place within the existing file.

If you click on a particular hyperlink, which brings you to the reference sheet, file, or webpage.

Remove Duplicates in Excel?

Excel provides a built-in feature to Remove Duplicates from a range of data.

It means, if the range of cells contains value more than one time and you want to delete duplicate values. it is difficult to delete one by one manually, in such type of scenario, Remove Duplicates in Excel helps you to remove duplicate values in the column.

Using Data validation option, you can create a Drop-Down List in Excel.With Drop Down list you can create a lot of cell-dependent value reports.

Using this option we can make some data validations like, if the user selects some other value instead of the listed value it shows error and it gives an only choice to the user to select a value within the list.

Protect Excel Sheet?

In Excel, you can Protect Excel Sheets with a password.If you protect Excel sheets, nobody is able to edit or delete cells in a password protected sheet. If you have any important documents you can protect them with this option.

Reminders in Excel?

You can also create your own notification or Reminders using user-defined values as per your requirements. it helps to highlight near to expiry dates, over budget dates, etc.

Age Calculation in Excel?

Calculating age in Excel is helpful in several situations. Calculating an individual's age is an important process in the HR department. Age calculation is also necessary for lots of business and other operations.

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