3 Best Ways to Reduce Excel File Size (100% Works)

Large Excel file takes too much time to open. and while sending these Excel attachment in emails, all of we are facing a problem with file size.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to reduce excel file size.

There are many methods are there to reduce excel file size, in these, excel binary format is the best way to reduce file size and it is the easiest way to reduce Excel file size.

Convert to Binary Format(xlsb)

The best way to reduce Excel file size is, just save the file in xlsb format.

Here is the steps to convert xlsb format.

1. Open Excel File which you need to Reduce Size.

How to Reduce Excel File Size

2. Click on Save As.

Save in Binary Format

3. In Dailog Box Select Excel Binary WorkBook.

Binary Dialog Window

4.Then Save the Workbook.

Result is


Before saving in binary format the same workbook size is 70310KB, after saving the same workbook in binary format it showing 21407KB, this is the difference in XLSX and XLSB formats.

Using the XLSB formats we can reduce excel file size and we can share it over emails.

Remove Data Formatting

If there is any unwanted conditional formatting or data formatting such as background color, tables, font style, borders, etc can also increase the file size.

Below is the print screen, just notice the difference between the size before between data formatting and without data formatting.

Remove Data Formatting In Excel

In this file, there is no text or number entries in Excel. I have just added a background color and margin to some blank cells. because of that data formatting only it took an additional 4 KB.

so, remove unwanted data formatting to reduce excel file size.

Remove Unnecessary Formulas

Sometimes if you copy and paste the data from one sheet to another sheet, it pastes with formulas. or after getting result using formulas we leave the formulas as it is.

It affects the excel file size. So, remove or convert formulas into values.

Steps to Convert Formulas into values in Excel

1. Select the entire worksheet/range.

2. Copy the entire worksheet/range.

3. Press ALT + E+ V on Keyboard.

4. You will get Go To dialog box, Click on values and give Ok.

Remove Unnecessary Formulas

That's All. the formula inside the selected range or entire worksheet will convert into values.

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