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How to Reduce Excel File Size Or How to Compress Excel File Size?

Reduce Excel File Size While sending excel attachment in emails, all of we are facing a problem with file size, in this tutorial I am going to explain how to reduce excel file size with inbuilt techniques. there are more than 5 methods are there to reduce excel file size, in these excel binary format is the best way to reduce file size & it is the easiest way also.

Convert Excel File to Binary Format(xlsb)

  • 1.Open Excel File which you need to Reduce Size.

  • How to Reduce Excel File Size

  • 2.Click on Save As.

  • How to Reduce Excel File Size
  • 3.In Dailog Box Select Excel Binary WorkBook.

  • How to Reduce Excel File Size

  • 4.Then Save the Workbook.

Check the Size of the Both Files

How to Reduce Excel File Size Before saving in binary format the same workbook size is 70310KB, after Saving the same workbook in Binary format it showing 21407KB, This is Difference in XLSX & XLSB formats. using this XLSB formats we can reduce excel file size & we can share it over emails. Please don't forget to add your precious comments below. Please watch Excel Tutorials videos on our YouTube Channel for best understanding, Please subscribe for more videos in our YouTube channel.if you like our tutorial please share it on facebook & youtube below.

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